Everything must be in Islamic perspective,if you are a muslim


Nowadays, we get used to talk about religion (Islam) and non-religion matters. This is about Islam, and this is about politics. This is about religion, and this is about culture. We say religion when we talk about pray,fasting,read quran,etc. Other than it, we will say “oh no.it is not about religion.”. Agree?

Well if you aware with that,  it is the impact of secularism. I think we all know about what secularism is, and we say that we are not secular. whereas unconsciously, most of us are contaminated with that secularism. You see, if you are starting to say “My major is not Islamic major, it is architecture.”,it means you already contaminated.

I used to think like that. I studied ICT, my high school was not an Islamic school, I did not learn Islam so much. ICT is ICT, not a religion matter. I am not going to be an ustadzah, so why should I learn so much about Islam? Just know  how to pray is enough. What a poor thinking. Hahaha…

Then my father said, “There is no dichotomy between science with islamic knowledge. There is no economics, Islamic economics. If you study about ICT, so it must be in Islamic perspective.”. and I listened to a speech from a brilliant person (Dr. Adian Husaini), he said that everything is related with religion. Even eating, talking, sleeping, politics. Islam has the rules about them. That is why Islam is a comprehensive religion. The rules cover every angle of our life and it has only two sources : Quran & sunnah. Science, social, medicine, engineering, economics. We can find them all in Quran and sunnah.

“We do not separate between Islamic studies and non Islamic studies. All of them are related to each other. Religion is like oxygen. It is everywhere.”

(Negeri 5 Menara, A. Fuadi)

So why do we make it difficult with separate each other? Why is it difficult for us to live in Islamic way? Where can you find a life guidance other than Quran?

*sorry for my broken english.hahaha*


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