Sciences, Social , Languages

When I was in high schol, I had an IQ & intellegential test. It was for knowing what my IQ actually was, and which major actually I am better at. The result was *** for my IQ (let me keep it as a secret,ok?) and they said that I am good&interested in both science and social major (my high school doesnt have language as one of the major). Also, my daddy always says that I am good at learning language.

I wasnt surprised at that time. instead, I didnt even like the result.  I thought, science was the best. My stupid mind kept telling me that I am not as good as my friends, just because they said that both science and social suit me. I took science,though. haha

Bit by bit, I learned that there’s nothing to be ashamed with the result. Yet I should be happy because I can learn sciences, socials or even languages easily. Also, socials are not bad. They are the same, I shouldnt underestimate them.
In 2008, I took ICT as my programme in a university. I like it! I enjoyed solving calculus, playing with C++, maths-discret, and so on and so forth. Then Allah gave me a chance to study abroad in Malaysia. Guess what? I took economics. It’s not easy for the first time, to understand what the lecturers are talking about since I have no basic in economics and the lecturers think everyone has the basic!  I can make it, though. 🙂

Sciences, socials , then what? Languages, of course.

English and arabic are the main language in my university. It’s a admission requirement. I passed the english, not the arabic. So in this 2 years I have to finish at least to levels of Arabic before I take my concentration. Same goes to Bahasa Malaysia. I have to pass two levels of Bahasa Melayu Nusantara to fulfill the graduation requirement. Seems tough, I know. I do enjoy it, though. I love languages. I even considered to take international relationship as my programme, but didnt get permission from my mom. =( It’s ok, here I can learn a lot! my goal is to speak english and arabic fluently, and be able to watch anime without subtitle. Yes, I take Japanese too.

Alhamdulillah..thanks Allah for all of the experience. For the opportunities, and for the rizqi.

Wish me luck guys!!and for you all too!!

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