Have you ever heard a hadith where our prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said that most of the hell’s recident (its kinda weird term, i know.hahaha) is WOMEN? why? because of their MOUTH. and that is sooooo true. I can say that friendship among girls can be so terrible and scary, because of their mouth. a really tough competition, backbiting the others and so forth are always surrounding them. okay, it sounds too extreme but its true. well,, we are not talking about ukhuwah islamiyah yaaa…hehehe.

backbiting. i hate that word. how can someone be so nice to another but then she talks her bad things behind??  ya ya ya I know we do that easily, even me. but dont you think that it’s so cruel? Jahat…=(

I have been through that kind of friendship, and I’ve passed the worst impact of it. I learned a lot. And now, I am seeing the similar case. between my good friends. Someone came to me and complained “how can she is so hypocrite?”. well I’ve seen that, long time before you realized girl. I knew this would happen. I feel so bad for that girl, and her friends who are being hypocrated,,maybe includes me (but DONT FEEL BAD for me, instead I actually should thank that girl because she is reducing my sins.ahahaha).

Many bad things will come when you do this “ghibah”, not only to your friendship, but also your heart. it will be full of hatred. I dont think that’s good, anyway. Other than that, I know you are big enough to know the implications without I mention it to you..^_^

You know what, you actually wont learn until you become the victim. Yet I hope that you dont need to be the victim to know how terrible it is. So, just stop it. Yes, it’s a tendecy,I know. Even me, it’s not easy to control it. but once I remember the past, I stop. it’s too painful and I dont want to feel it anymore. Therefore, Let’s try not to talk our friends bad sides behind them. =)


5 pemikiran pada “Hypocrite?

  1. haduuh..
    nyasar ke luar negri nihh.. *pake bahasa inggris maksudnya*

    yang aku tau ya masalah hipokritnya saja;

    hi·po·krit 1 a munafik; 2 n orang yg suka berpura-pura

    ini pun copas dari KBBI, ehehehe

    • aku bercerita tentang “ghibah” alias membicarakan kejelekan orang lain alias ngrasani (bahasa jawa). aku bilang hypocrite karna (klo di indonesia, ato bahkan di tempat aku tinggal sekarang ini) orang yang melakukan ghibah ini justru bermanis-manis di depan orang yg dia bicarakan itu. begitulah.^_^

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