I Thought I hate My Parents

I thought I hate my parents when I got angry all the times. I forgot that It’s all actually my fault and they just love me so much thus they do not want to see me doing stupid&wrong things.

I thought I hate my parents when I can not go out at night just because my parents said so. I forgot that I am a girl and sometimes the city won’t be nice to me in the night.

I thought I hate my parents when they did not let me to study in the school which I dreamed on, instead they chose all my schools and I could not do anything but just to obey them. I forgot that in the end of the day it’s me who loves those school very much and feels grateful because I got to study there.

I thought I didn’t like to be my parents’ daughter when my teacher asked me why I got bad mark for my studies in such a wide eyed since he knew my parents. I forgot that instead of grumbling I should be grateful for having them because no one can encourage me to be a great woman like they do.

I started to think that I love my parents when I began to live far away from my family and friends,alone. I thought I was happy for living separately with them, but then I just happened to look for my  mom&dad whenever I have problems and I realized, I need them.

I started to feel thankful to my parents when I saw some friends got lost of directions, fighting with each other, or even forgot their studies because of reasons that I am not even sure but one thing : they forget what their parent taught them. Thanks for my parents I passed the hardest step in my 20 years life without having to worrying you.*silent*  Umm.well, I was worrying you but not a lot, right? Or was it a lot? Im sorry….>.<

I think I love my parents when Im down to my lowest point. I told them what happened and surprisingly they smiled and said “Alhamdulillah..it’s ok honey.everything is gonna be ok”. God, thank you for giving me them, my parents are the best thing I’ve ever had in my life.


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