Being Separated

I am in my PMS when I wrote this. This writing is sentimental,mellow and might be an exaggeration for some of you. It’s about me and my family. If you really don’t mind with that,keep reading then.:-)

I lay beside my little brother.I looked at him for a long time.deep.cute and funny 12 yrs old boy. I just realized that I hugged him a lot on these past days, because he will be leaving soon and I know when he get back he’s gonna be a young handsome teenager who is embarassed when his sister hugs him like I do now.

One sister has left tonight,when another 2 brothers r leaving in 3days for all same reason : school.

there’s a strange feeling in my heart when i see things are packed,mom was making a need-to-shop- list,visited the future school to see hows the rooms, but its all not for me. I am home,seeing 3 siblings leaving. This is weird because i was always the one who left my family. Now that im here enjoying precious time with the whole family members while helping my mom prepare the kids,i think i know how sad it is to let my siblings go. I dont think i exactly understand my moms feeling but if i feel like crying whenever i see my brothers luggage,my mom must be feeling even worse.

I remember those early days i started my study sent an email for me said that that our house was so quiet without me and my sister.there’re still 3 kids though,but it feels empty since it used to be 5 noisy kids at home and she missed me so much.
Currently im home until shawal and after that i’ll be back to malaysia. I know my youngest sister will b very sad,what more my will be crying as well.haha.
Im such a cry baby,i admit that.

Thats why i looooove my mom soo much since she never cry in front of us,even when she sent us to study abroad. Big applause,deep respect and tons of thank you for my mom and all moms in the world for letting us go when it is a hardest thing you do.

Bunch of love for my brothers&sisters who have started to perform their jihad fi sabilillah. Do remember that mom&dad have sacrified a lot for us. Wishing that we’re gonna be a sholih&shalihat and leader of khairu ummah. Do not ever bring them down.:-)


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