So we went to a talk about feminism in Islam. There were three panelists with different thoughts. One of them was a woman, muslim, does not wear hijab, a gender activist. Talking about women, she looks impassioned. Her speech was actually quite boring for us, since there was no something new in her points.  It has been repeated by almost all gender and liberal activists like again and again.We were busy exchanging stories through our notes (I know this is really bad, you should not do that when someone is speaking), until she mentioned the case about arab countries which force their women to wear hijab. She said, hijab is not an obligation. Covering aurah is an option for muslimah. My friend gave her note to me, she wrote


“How come she said that hijab is optional? Quran stated it is wajib”

“I know, right?? I wonder how does she dare to make her own law.LOL”

“You know what,she should take RASOK.hahaha…”


We laughed. My friend was right, though. I mean, seriously. Why people dare to state a law which we all know that it opposes God’s law? That is why they need to take the subject, because all knowledge we get is from nowhere but Quran and hadith.

That scene happened two months ago. Now when I recall it, I am thinking. Some people might have asked us (as IIUM students), “How far the islamization of knowledge in IIUM affects you?”. What if I answer , “Well at least we know that hijab is an obligation, we do not deny it even though some of us still do not want to fulfill the obligation”  . Will that be considered as an answer? Hehehehe…

RASOK : Revelation as the Source of Knowledge . It is one of the compulsory subject in faculty of Human Sciences in IIUM, whether you are a political science students, psychology or whatever, you have to take the subject.


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