The Deflection

It has been a lazy days for me nowadays. After getting “released” from the classes for one week (well, it was actually a midbreak, but since I still had work to do so I think I can’t say that I was on a break right?), I have been feeling discouraged instead of encouraged to start the routines and enjoying the dynamics life of a university student.

I have done five midterms before the break, thus I am not as busy as the others. In addition I spent the midbreak to work for a lecturer and attended seminars. My stressful days have 60% passed then. That makes me feel more relax now. However the god of boringness come, increasing my laziness and building up my desire to just go outta university to have a fresh breath.

But you know, life and time are about moving on and so as the no-classes week. Deal with it.

So today I hurried up fininshing my assignment, competing with the time which always runs fast to approach the dead lines. Been procrastinating? Yes I was, and consequently I had to pay for that. Ah, so bad…

When I was finally done with the paper, I walked home (oops, it’s not home but hostel). A good friend texted me through whats app. Arabics. Long sentence. It looked messed up in my phone since it doesn’t have an Arabic keyboard. I skipped this part and read the later message

F : preserve and be strong ok. Allah ma’ana J

B : hoi, aku tak sedih lah hahaha

F : abe hoi L

B : aku tadi malas L aku rasa aku lagi futur. Futur itu apa eh?

F : future tu kan makan. Apa kau bebual biba

B : lemah iman. Apa tu bahasa arab die?

F : tak tau maksud kau

B : Iman aku lemah sangat ni. Mcm mana nak naikkan?

F : sebab tu aku kasih ayat quran tadi. Yang membawa maksud “wahai orang beriman, mintalah bantuan dari Allah dengan sabar dan solat. Sesungguhnya Allah bersama orang-orang yang sabar”

F : banyakkan baca quran. Tadabbur. Take a break from the wordly matters

F : muhasabah diri biba. Jom kite same-same raih redha dan cinta Allah!

B : okay. Jom!


What an ungrateful girl I am. I have been pushing myself away from Allah, but He still helps me. My assignment is done, my allowance is sufficient, and the crucial thing is that Allah still reminded me through the people around me. Even just now when I checked my twitter timeline, they are talking about salat and salat. Keep holding on Allah. Astaghfirullahaladzim. Alhamdulillah. 


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