Another Four Semesters Left..

Kuala Lumpur, here I am. Been here even 2 weeks before the new semester started. Passionate student? Kinda true but this passion is spesifically for organizational and volunteering activities . *chuckles*

This semester I’ve been assigned as a committee for one conference,one international talkshow,one yearly election of PPI-UIA’s president and be one of the buddy for japanese trainees in one responsibility as a general secretary in ISEFID (for I’ve still got 3months left sitting in this chair). Plus being a journalist for our campus newspaper.Yes yes you can say Im a crazy bad ass super power girl.LOL
How about study? Nah. The most important question. All I can say is alhamdulillah (thank God) I AM SURVIVING. I myself can’t believe that I actually made it through these all dramatic semesters. Those cries (for many reasons : hate economics stuffs,love life,friendship life) really strengthen me. Such a crybaby and dramatic girl,huh? I managed to pass it well though,and I think I’m starting to love my major study. Raising my CGPA too. *smiling widely* I promise to myself that I’ll be doing best for my 4 left semesters. Pray for me!!
Anyway, my blog has been doing a great job as my best diary (all posts are such a rubbish bubblings of mine.LOL). However I don’t feel good seeing this. Thinking to also make this blog as a recorder of things happen in my life. Imagine my kids open this blog in 2022 and see how their mom grew up. Nice idea. It’s set then, I’ll post those things here. Happy reading!!


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