Their Visit to Kuala Lumpur

As my sister, Latifah was enrolled to be a student of IIUM this year, my brothers (Ahmad and Hakim) and the youngest sister (Dieni) paid a visit to Kuala Lumpur in last August 2012. For a safety reason, my father’s friend who is a lecturer in IIUM let us stay in his house during the trip, and brought us to many places in KL. 😀

It was good to stay in his house, instead of staying in a hotel without our parents. This friend of my father’s has five kids and mingled with us very well. They were really nice. Their foods were also nice too. LOL.

One day before my siblings went back to Indonesia, we decided to hang out in the town, just five of us. It was sooooo fun! We used the public transportation to go everywhere as that was their first time to take such thing. *chuckling* We also rode hop-on-hop-off bus and visited almost all tourism destination on the map.

Alhamdulillah. Praise to Allah for letting this happen as this had been my dream to travel abroad with my family. I hope Allah will let us travelling to another country together and that time, we’ll be going with our parents as well. Oooooh I miss my family……


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