A Singaporean Girl’s Wedding

I believe it was a year ago when we talked about marriage and how are we gonna prepare ourselves to face it. She said, marriage wasn’t her concern right now. She was enjoying her current single life that she did not get married very soon. But she prayed that she would get the right person in the right time.

Who would know that things got reversed in only a short time? Indeed, Allah is the best planner that the person who did not like to talk about marriage is now the first marriage woman in our circle of friends.

“Kita berdua je bibah, yang ada time Fatimah nak buat decision (Only we both were there during the time she’s making her decision)…”

“Aku ingat tu masa Fatimah nangis sebab fakhrur (I remember when she cried because of him)…”

“Rasa sedih macam nak lepaskan anak sendiri kahwin (I feel sad like I am marrying my own daughter)…”

She and her husband 🙂

Siti Fatimah Surani, one of my favourite people in Malaysia. See, I really came all the way to singapore for you! Barakallah dear


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