A Short Visit to Malacca

It was my first journey alone (I mean, without parents) in Malaysia. Me, my roommates Tami and kak Wahid, and my friend Aginta decided to go to Melacca in April 2011 during our semester break. We rented a small car from a student in IIUM with RM 65/12 hrs. Yes that was expensive, but we had no choice as other cars were rented.

Located in the southern region of Malaysian Peninsula, Melacca is one of Malaysian biggest states. Getting there is quite easy. There are buses from Kuala Lumpur which will bring you directly to Malacca with a cost of RM 12- RM 25. You can hop on to the bus in KLIA & LCCT, KL Sentral, Puduraya Bus Terminal or KL Old Railway Station. If you are from Singapore, direct buses and trains are also provided from Singapore to Melacca.

From IIUM Gombak, it took only approximately 2hrs to reach the city centre after getting lost in the highway *chuckles*. At first, we drove through Jonker street. This is literally a small street, thus traffic jam happened due to a lot of cars are passing this street. Well…

So we decided to parked our car near to Casa Del Rio hotel, and walk instead.

The weather was really hot out there, even more than KL. I saw many hats and umbrellas were sold in the street when we were walking toward Malacca Tourism Information Centre (TIC) to get maps. Was tempted to buy an umbrella, I restrained myself for not getting one with the compensation of entering more places and eating good foods.ya-ha!

By reaching Malacca TIC, Christ Church is just before our eyes. A lot of tourist were filling up the streets and places, and made it felt more humid and hot. We started by entering Stadthuys Museum Complex.

During the colonial era, the Stadthuys building was used for governor’s residence and city hall. As now the museum is divided into four parts : History & Etnography Museum, Admiral Cheng Ho Gallery, Literature Museum, Democratic Rule Museum and Governor Museum. The admission fee is RM 5.

However we are not so fond of museums. We just entered it for the sake of taking pictures (aha!) and feeling out the historical atmosphere in Malacca (FYI, Malacca is listed in the world heritage site by UNESCO). So, yeah. Getting bored with it, we sneaked out and visit Christ Church which is just next to Stadthuys. No entrance fees, don’t worry. It’s a church, anyway.

Next stop : A Famosa. I guess this is the most famous tourist attraction from Malacca, no? I thought A Famosa is an old Portuguese building, or ruins or museum which I should go in and pay for its entrance fee. However it’s shorta different from what I imagined. Actually, far much different. It’s just this? I thought it was bigger.

That is the only gate left from a fortress built by Alfonso D’Alburquerque : Fortaleza De Malacca. I am not intending to write any further about its history, so just google it if you’re still curious.:-)

Well I didn’t take any picture of it because I thought it was just another anonymous ruins and I will see a museum called A Famosa after that. Haha! I took that from here.

We continued to walk for two minutes and we found St. Paul Ruins. This is again, ruins. But not from a fortress, it was a church. The british built it during their occupation in Malacca. I love this place! Not the church, but the location. It’s in a hill, higher than the other places. The view is very nice, reminded me of my hometown.

Some people were buried in the church, but now since the tombs were moved they just put the gravestones here.

The Statue of St Francis Xavier, a missionary who died and was buried here.

We decided to go home just before the sunset. Well, we didn’t want to get there late due to the heavy traffic during rush hour in KL. For more pictures you can see them in my posterous.

Malacca reminds me a lot to my hometown Semarang, Indonesia. A part of Semarang was also built by the colonials, and we do still have that old city area with all the rivers,reservoir and old buildings. The culture in Malacca is a mixed mostly by Chinese-arab-malay culture and that goes to our culture in Semarang as well. Malacca is a nice place to visit. The foods are nice and cheap as well (cheaper than foods in Kuala Lumpur). Sadly we didn’t stay overnight there. If I have more time in the future, maybe I can stay for one or two nights there.


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