My First Friends

The first time I watched a movie in a cinema. I was very small back then, my parents took me out to watch the human version of pinokio. A few years later my father, again brought me to watch air bud in cinema 21. I started to enjoy it, and it becomes my favorite to watch a good movie in the cinema.

I was in my fourth year in elementary when I saw my dad was busy with his computer. When I asked, he told me that he was going to make an electronic email and if I want, I could get one too. I got so excited since I’ve read the newest Bobo magazine which talked about homepage and email. I actually got to create my very first email then, when the other kids did not even use the internet.

A little while later I started to know about console games. Play stations, online PC games, et cetera. I like to go to game centres with my brother and play. My parents then bought us PS 1, let us install games in our family PC and asked us to play at home instead of going to game centres.

I think I was in my junior high school when my mom asked me to go to a salon with her. We were having nice facial and hair treatment over there. I started to understand what the other girls do in the salon, and I think I enjoy it too!

Now when I’ve grown up. At this age I go to cinema, I am internet Iiterate, I do sometimes go to salon. Things that youngster do. I recall that I learned most of them from my parents, and thus I enjoy doing that with my family.  I am not envious when sometimes I can’t hang out with my friends. I can hang out with my family, and that is fun! Even when I go out with my friends, my parents know what I’m doing. My parents know what games am I playing, what movies am I watching in the cinema, what books and comics I read. Well yeah, sometimes I get scolded if I watch inappropriate movies :-p

I think that’s what family is supposed to be. Being a first home, first school, and first friend for me



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