Today might have been the loneliest day during all my years spent in Malaysia. Getting to bed quite late last night, I forgot to put on my phone alarm and yeah I missed my suhoor. Spending the whole day in campus (tryna be productive), and finally reaching my apartment at almost iftar time. All the housemates weren’t around. I took out my Lipton tea from the fridge while cooking rice, some meat and scrambled eggs plus doing the laundry. Multi tasking at its best.

When finally the adzans echoed, I was looking around and realized that the house was dark…and empty. All I did was taking pictures of my foods, sending them to my mom and continue to eat like nothing happened. It’s all like the usual routine, just that nobody’s around.

My ifthar

Has life been this lonely? I don’t know. But I do know that it’s getting harder everyday. Maybe the most important lesson that I got is that adult life sucks. The best thing I can do to survive is only to lean on to the Strongest : God.

So now stop rumbling Biba. You ain’t a little girl no more. Get up and face what you have to face. You are the best creature of God. With Allah, everything will surely be okay.

Second day of Ramadhan, 11.15pm and I got hungry again.

June 19, 2015


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